Monday, September 10, 2012

The Petoskey Run Down

Last week I was in Petoskey Michigan.  Here's the quick recap:

Tuesday, River Road Sports Complex in Petoskey Michigan.  Almost lost a disc but ended up finding a disc and my lost disc with the help of Ed and Logan that I met. 

Reaching out the the owner of the lost disc I figured it would be a guaranteed contact at Harbor Springs.

Wednesday, The Crowle Hole in Harbor Springs Michigan.  Nope, got a call from the guy saying he's having a horrible day and will not be able to pick up the disc.  When I asked if another day would work in the week, he said "for all I care you can keep it".  Not what I was expecting.  Anyways, I went and played anyways.  Ran into a group of six guys: Greg, Taco, Lawrence, Adam, Corey, and Roman.  Turned out great to be a great opportunity because I was able to clearly present the gospel to Corey who was also interested in taking a Knowing God booklet (2). 

Thursday, Boyne Mountain in Boyne Falls Michigan.  Walked up the mountain.  No one in sight.  Enjoyed the view on top of the mountain.  No one in sight.  Started playing and on hole 3 I saw a van that drove up and dropped off a group of guys.  I played realllllly slow, and they still did not catch up.

Friday, Avalanche Park in Boyne City Michigan.  Rain.  Rain.  More Rain.  So I played anyways hoping that there would be one other crazy person playing.  Nope.  There are 445 steps down the mountain.  I am always up for a good stair climb so I climbed up and down the mountain at the end of the course. 

Saturday,  Hanson Hills (long course and short course) in Grayling Michigan and Log Lake in Kalkaska Michigan.  Hanson Hills was a long course and a tournament was going on this morning.  Read, no group to join.  The Log Lake course I caught up to a group who was held to letting me play through.

Three days, five courses and no opportunities is a bit frustrating because at the end of the day disc golf is just throwing a piece of plastic at links of metal while walking in the woods.

Here are a couple pictures of the Mackinac Bridge and dinner at sun set park in Petoskey.

Off to Traverse City next...

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