Thursday, February 07, 2013

Atlantic Breeze

This past weekend I played Moccasin Creek park again.  Had the opportunity to chat and play with David from the prior week for the first half of the course.  On the second half, I joined Jeff.  Jeff had some nice parks next to the basket.  We talked a bit about him growing up in a catholic school and he expressed little interest/concern about God or eternity.  However he was willing to take a gospel track.
Moccasin Creek Disc Golf Course

Also, I replayed the Reed Canal course.  The first time round the course I played alone and hit chains but didn't stick on one of the short holes.  Finishing up there looked like an opportunity to play with a couple guys, but it turned out they were still waiting for five other guys.   I ended up playing through.  Randomly at toward the end of the course a couple kids were curious about the game and introduced some of the basics of the game and let them throw some of the discs around.

After the Reed Canal course, I took the coastal route back.  The cool Atlantic breeze with the windows down offered a good atmosphere to reflect on the past weekend and think ahead to the coming week.

A few days into the week I had the opportunity to play ultimate frisbee.  First of all, wow, I'm out of shape.  Three games felt like a killer and my legs are still sore.  It took me by surprise when I showed up that most people actually brought cleats to play.  What surprised me more was talking with one of the guys who mentioned he did a qualifying race for RAAM.  If RAAM wasn't already on my list I would like to do, it is now.  To put RAAM into an intriguing perspective: the introduction of the steamboat reduced the round trip between Louisville, KY to New Orleans, LA to 8 days [ref].  In that same amount of time, a few people have demonstrated the ability to cycle the United States, coast to coast.

Also, here are a few other pictures from the Daytona Speedway...

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