Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ocala, Orlando, and Jacksonville - FL

Yet again, the weather was great for disc golf.  Here's a quick summary of the weekend.

Ocala Greenway in Ocala, FL - Jay and Skyler.  And that is, Jay, as in Jepheth.

Gordon Barnett Park in Orlando, FL - There was a tournament in progress, however I was able to pick up a few floating discs that I was in search of.

Jacksonville, FL - Visited a friend, Ben, that I have not seen in nearly five or six years.  Lunch was great and catching up with Ben and his family was even better.  Thank you!

Ronnie Van Zant Memorial Park in Green Cove Springs, FL - Ben, Tony, Jimmy, Nick, and John.  Pray for Ben's friend that is waiting for a transplant.  I was a little bit nervous playing with this group because it was the first time I played doubles and they were well above my skill level.

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