Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clearwater, FL

After a weekend break, this past weekend I made the trip to Clearwater, Fl.  The weekend was long and tiring.I played through five different courses.  Here's the run down:

North East Coachman Park, Clearwater FL - Almost was not able to play here due to Phillie's spring training event down the road.  However the people overseeing the parking allowed me to park without the enormous parking charge for the event.  Anyways, the park, halfway through I met Robert who was walking around the park.  Pray for him as his wife has Alzheimer's.

Cliff Stephens Park, Clearwater FL - Where to start other than the wind and water.  My disc kept finding the edge of the water leaving my jeans wet. 

Hammock Park, Dunedin FL -  Short course and no one around. 

Food and a 6.4 mile walk along the nearby causeway ended the evening.  Checked into a free hotel stay...and by free I mean because of the months I have lived in a hotel over my life. 

Taylor Park, Largo FL - Sunday I took a little bit different approach than normal.  I played in one of the local leagues.  The group I joined up with were previously from Michigan coincidentally enough.  Allen, Andy, Dave, and Justin, were my guides, all of them had amazing skill.  Although not much discussion happened due to the focus on the game.  Saw my first Florida snake and thankfully did not get eaten by the gators in the lake.  My only throw that landed in the water was where the 13 footer's hangout.  Fortunately for me, someone was already wading through the chest high lake, alive, and was willing to toss out my disc (with much gratitude).  I ended with a halfway decent score of 65. 

The great walls of plastic.  Largest selection of discs I have ever seen.

Youth Park, Pinellas Park FL - Last stop of the weekend before the drive back.  I had the opportunity to talk with and encourage Andre.  He made me look forward to playing in Colorado.

Unfortunately on the drive home, I am sad to announce, I did not win the Daytona 500.  I passed #16 and made my move for the victory.  However, moments before I had to exit for the pit stop and claim some sleep, Greg Biffle's car reclaimed his position.  Or rather, should I say, the semi did. 

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