Friday, January 28, 2005

Chedder Bob

Tennis is getting ready to start up and I have been seeing a bunch of teammates from when I was a freshman. I don't think I'll have enough time for tennis this year however because I have so much going on. It has been back to school and a new semester has started. I had all A's 1st semester, athough I had and A- in physics and calculas (which was bumped up from a B). Already I'm staying up late scrambling to finish my homework. Mainly the research papers and forms have been extremely time consuming and since they were due today, I stayed after school for over an hour trying to finish it up. I got as close to done as I'm ever going to be. I hadn't studied for spanish or physics, and I pulled a 24 out 25 in spanish. And Physics didn't seem too hard (hopefully I got a B). The church youth group website is almost fully up, and I've been working on getting Charter Business. Down at KAMSC there has been a bunch of free stuff to take, and Jordan found one of the apple II's that was signed by Woz. It is kinda funny about that. If stuff is still there monday I'll be taking some stuff...

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