Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holland, MI: Winstrom Park

Within the first five miles of my trip I run into Linda.  Linda is not only passionate about sharing the gospel, she is passionate about sharing about sharing the gospel.  As I was already running late to arrive in Holland I was not the most patient at listening to what I have heard her say in the past, however it was a great reminder as to the purpose of this trip.

My disc like an axe splitting wood after my drive.

The weather in Holland today was amazing: sunny with a high of 75F.  The amazing weather after the rainy weekend made me hope the disc golf course would have a decent amount of people.  However, when I arrived at Winstrom park to play there was a large group of guys a bit over halfway done (that I would not be able to catch) and waiting around only a couple arrived to play.  The majority of the trees were cut down from the times I previously played the course, leaving the feeling that few people are playing the course while it is undergoing development/change (at least for this evening).  I decided to enjoy the weather and work a bit on my throws since I have only played a few times this year.  Despite being a bit rusty, I threw two under par and was quite pleased with many of my drives and putts.

After the game I drove down to the state beach and had my devotions while watching the sunset.  It nearly felt like vacation.  I could get use this...


Josiah said...

What devotions are you going through?

Zoosprings said...

I'm going through Mark!