Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moving Day 2012

It's moving day.  Moving can be recursively described in three words: packing, moving, and cleaning.  This move leaves me feeling a little bit of a mix between sadness and uncomfortable. 

Sad being the fact there are many friends I have not had a chance to say any goodbyes.  I am able to stay around until I do have the opportunity, however doing so would nearly delay the trip indefinitely, defeating the purpose.  If you are one of those friends, my dearest apologies but please keep in touch! 

Uncomfortable bearing the fact that I am not entirely sure how to prepare for this trip.  Just as it is hard for me to stand by and watch Two Men and a Truck move my heavy items, it is just as hard for me to not to plan even for things I am unable to plan for.

After this long tiresome day I relaxed in the backyard and watched some of the Perseid meteor shower for 15 minutes.  In that time I saw seven shooting stars.  The seventh one may have been a fireball, but in any case the meteor was amazing.  The meteor had a bright burst that lasted the longest second ever.  The most amazing part for me however was the vivid color as the meteor seemed to have almost a purple sparkle.  It came down from about 60 degrees, W to 10 degrees, SW. 

Make time for the simple.

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