Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shore Acres Is The Place To Be

"Where is the first tee?"

A simple phrase is all it takes.

The response from the three guys I approached was, "you are welcome to join us". 

How did I get to that point?  While in Holland I met Brandon from Engedi and he was interested in playing a round of disc golf, however he had prior plans.  Towards the end of the day I drove to Shore Acres Park in Saugatuck.  Parked, grabbed my discs, and stood looking over a course mix full of woods, openings, hills, flats, dunes, cactus, and bamboo.

Dave, Jeremy, and Seth were on their second round and local to the area.  It was great playing with them because they gave some good tips (or at the very least pointing out where the basket is hidden beyond the trees).  Also, they were pretty much at my playing level.  At the end I came out in the lead with +14 from par 3 for the 18 holes.  I do have to admit I had some pretty good string of throws and the others had already played a round.

It was neat to get to know them even if it was a short while and see the diversity of ideas.  Seth had no interest in the gospel.  Jeremy was willing to take a Knowing God Personally booklet and mentioned he was interested in finding a church once he settled down in the area.  Lastly, Dave was the most open, involved with his church, and stated he was a Christian.  Overall it was a great time playing with these guys and would play with them again any day.  Thanks Jeremy for keeping score!

I do have say it was amazing on hole 3.  All four of us were looking for Seth's disc.  After awhile of not finding the red disc (how hard could it be?), Seth went back to the spot he threw and said, "here's what I did".  He threw the disc and stated "it should be near there".   Dave and my immediate response was, "no" because it hit a tree but was quickly followed by "no way".  Seth threw the exact throw, hit the same tree, and had the discs land within nearly 2 feet of each other.  One word: impressed.

All in a Sunday evening, of last week.  Thanks again goes to the Keys for the wonderful home to stay in for the week in Holland.  They (if you are they then read that as you) are such an encouragement!

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