Saturday, January 08, 2005


Missing a day of school to goto bed at 1am and wake up at 4:30 am I guess was worth it. I missed a physics test which I was kinda disappointed at missing, but that leaves me basically Sunday to study at least. With exams coming up it is going to be extremely busy. Anyways about the BPA competition. Driving to Grand Rapids was so hot on the bus with all the people packed in (Portage Central came on same bus as us). Getting there we were extremely rushed because I only had 40 minutes before my C++ event began. I ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut and was off. I was so confused on what exactly we were suppose to do, where to go, etc... but I got to the room fine, and found out that they where using Visual Studio .net, not 6.0, so luckily the kid next to me Steve, knew what he was doing and I copied him on setting up the project :) I then realized that I haven't programmed in C++ since, like sometime around Thanksgiving, or whenever the last Usaco competition was. We had 1 hour and 15 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice problems and program a simple program. The multiple choice was fine, the program, whoa, I should have practiced writing in C++ before I went. I kept on messing up all my syntax which caused me not to even finish the program. Thank goodness the person next to me didn't get his to print the right answer either (reassuring but still I felt like a complete idiot). After that, I took my info tech concepts test. It had most of the exact same questions as the practice. And if I had reviewed the practice, I could have aced it easily. But guess what I watched Who's Line is it anyways? instead [wliia?]. I ate lunch after it, and after lunch Jon and I had to give a presentation of the website. We didn't practice it at all, only kinda went over what we should talk about. It went very smooth though and I felt fairly good about it. Then I watched Napoleon dynamite. Somehow I must have just missed the plot because other then a couple lines, I didn't follow it or find it funny. They also threw a dance. Why? because the student population there was...ummm....fairly uneducated. It should get better as the ignorant people start to lose the competitions. Afterwards, there were the awards...oh wow, sitting, sitting, sitting....wait, "C++", my name is called for one of the finalists. Of course as I figured, a whopping 3rd place (it is practically an insult). And then I had to wait till the very very end for the website results. I predicted that it would be last and that we would come in second place. I was right about the event being last. Went up on stage, Thrid place announced, not us...second place announced, portage northern...bummer. I was right, but then again I realized that I did 90% all Sunday night and monday morning. Oh well, I still made it to states and the website will be totally tweaked and hopfully much better and I will try and practice some C++. Coming home I watched Oceans 11 and practically fell asleep. Upon arriving at my house I laid down for a nap, set my cell phone alarm for 9:50pm for wliia? and I woke up and 2am and then decided to just fall asleep again because I had to work all day starting at 8. bpa, what is it?, a competition that has a number of very stupid events, but then again it has some practical events, and you might as well not show up if you aren't dressed "properly". Hyden will tell you about that...I have to study...(as always)

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