Sunday, January 23, 2005

Free Weekend

It's not everyday that I get a free weekend, but it just so happened that I got a break off of school due to exams. Anyways, with my free time on Saturday I was planning to get together with my friends and doing some filming, but since we recieved so much snow, well, driving conditions were just bad. That didn't stop me from heading on up to Timber Ridge to go skiing. I hadn't been skiing for about 1 year. It was quite fun though. It didn't last long, since it was only 9F degrees, and with a bunch of wind, the weather was plain cold. I almost felt like I froze. That's besides the point though...Today I took a nice long 3 hour nap which felt soo good because of my average of 4 hours of sleep during the school week. So glad that we get one more day! I was waiting for a break from school work for a long time (Since my Christmas break was basically doing homework). I made another video blog of my random moments and I joined which allows people to watch the videos that I create, and if you are one of those people please leave comments on them :)

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