Friday, January 14, 2005

What the Fog?

Two days ago there was so much fog it was nearly impossible to see. Standing from my drive way, I couldn't see anything past the "No Outlet" sign at the end of our street which isn't very far away. I couldn't even tell that there were trees just beyond that because it was so foggy. Besides the point, I'm finally getting time to write because of (you guessed it) school. Well actually I didn't study for my Computer Science exam. It wasn't to hard and I didn't recieve anything less than a B. Since it was a short exam, Hanley, Jordon, Ben, Tom, and myself played Scwabble on yahoo games (okay so it is really scrabble, but is called Literati on yahoo). I was in last the whole game and Hanley and Jordon where neck and neck about 20 to 30 points more than me. Shoutrouw announced that he needs to leave so we needed to finish up. I found out the white pieces were wilds and I put down a 7 letter word with a 3x the word multiplier, I pulled of a 65 point word and the game ended because I had won. I was suprised, extremely suprised because I didn't expect to do well (it probably will only happen once in my life time that I win scrabble). At home I studied and studied and studied for my math exam that I took to day. I also had to finish reading Scarlet Song. That book has one crazy ending let me warn you, but that book is soo much easier to read than Anna Karenina. I took an english quiz over the book and probably failed it, walked to Spanish, recieved a horrible grade on my entrevista (that I didn't prepare for) 25/30, and did absolutly nothing in Economics. Took the math exam and feel that I did fairly well except I didn't get 4 problems, (well there were only like 20 problems though). Hopfully no one else could do those 4 problems either (ya right). I'm done talking now, wait no, I took a nice long nap after school, now I'm done. Good night....

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