Thursday, January 20, 2005

Brownie Break

Finally exams are all over...Although Monday will probably the best day this week. The physics final was Tuesday, so David, Ben, Tom, and myself had a study group (Ryan came for a little bit). We had a little too much fun. Instead of studying, why not have a Rubik's cube competition? The Hutchison Open, the first (impromptu) competition for the Kamsc Rubik's Cube Clube [RCC]. Ben took an easy win. Hanley took second, and I wasn't too far behind (maybe I should have practiced a little bit more, then it would have been neck and neck between the two of us). Tom came in fourth, but had a second place in the last round. The four of us are the first 'ranking' members of the RCC. Next morning, I had to rush through my english exam and my spanish exam to get to physics due to the exam time overlaps. However, getting down to Kamsc I find out that our exam didn't start 'til 12, 30 minutes later than I expected. Oh-well, the physics exam went okay, not as well as I hoped but, alright none the less. Immediately afterwards, I did a retake on one of my math quizzes thanks to Mr. Milka. I got 50% the first time round because I didn't know how to do half the problems (actually I guessed on the optimization problems) and hopefully it will bring my grade up to and A or at least a B+. After school I slept and played Literati with my buddies of course. This morning (well I guess yesterday), I took my economics exam which I didn't study for and feel decent about it. Anyways, the best part now is that I don't have school until next Tuesday. I ate lunch at Pizza Hut, slept, finished the Hutchison Open video, and worked on the church youth group's website. I fooled around with my IIS server which is always fun to do. And now I'm going to bed...

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