Friday, January 21, 2005

Ray Bradbury Review

Ray Fahrenheit 451

My sophomore year of high school I had to read Fahrenheit 451 for english. We had to read a banned book, and since I didn't really want to read books that were soley based on drugs, sex, or excessive language, I choose Fahrenheit 451. I found it fairly intriguing, but since it was an assignment, I didn't see much in it (you know how that goes). This past day while shelving the science fiction books, I noticed a bunch of his books (even though Fahrenheit 451 is his only science fiction book, right after that I shelved the DVD of Fahrenheit 451. Since I have a break from school I decided to pick it up and watch it. Watching it about a year after reading has put a different view on it for me. I found it very ironic that Montag starts to believe that the books are the truth and life, which are claimed to bring about pain and disgust. As to the law in the book where the books where burned so that everyone could be happy and live a pleasing life with a life addicted to the tv on the wall (eh doesn't that sound familiar?). Of course it has a great deal about censorship. To me, the book over-exagerates by burning everything, limiting all knowledge except for what the "higher" authorities should give us. By this exaggeration, it attempts to say that we have to make precise precautions on what we do limit. Fahrenheit 451 has a very good and unique story and message. Ray Bradbury's excellent work with this books has striked an interest in me to read some of his other works (that I'm going to start working on). But that's enough for now, time for bed.

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