Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rob, You Rock My Socks!

Doing homework is a big pain and frustrating. This past week has been so hectic because of the Huskie Den website. Well not really the website, but Godaddy's fault for crashing and causing my url not to work properly and therefore my website was as good as none. After a day or so, I was finally able to get them to fix it. Might have gone quicker if I had of called godaddy instead of email but I still have a life (okay so I just had to work at the lib and do homework) but that didn't leave enough time to stay on the phone for tech support. I should talk about my Christmas break but I won't do that now because I'm getting to the good part. (yea there is some kind of good part in my life). School. Well, maybe not school itself but being there with all my buddies and joking around get's me through the day. Driving people to kamsc is probably one of the high points of they day. If I were to drive alone I probably would get all nervious about what's going on in my kamsc classes. With Hyden and Rupal (sometimes another) it's relaxing driving down to kamsc. This school year has been better than freshman and sophmore (except for doing the research paper, and Sinclair's math class last year), except for this year, I keep on staying up 'til 2am or another extremely late (or early depending which way you look at it). Now that i'm doing bad enough that the exams count, I need to get studying and doing homework because they are coming up next week. Looking forward to Friday at the BPA competition in Grand Rapids, I'm probably not going to do well but at least I'll have fun!

"Rob, you rock my socks!"
"Well then I'm glad your socks need 'a rockin'!"

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